Band of the Day


The Rambling Wheels

Flailing, feline-lovin' Swiss electro-rock that's wildly danceable
You're brighter than my bright lights. You're burning up my sanity, it's only just begun.
lyrics from Ready Or Not

In 2004, the Rambling Wheels decided it was time to make the girls dance. Five years later, they now make them laugh. And why? Well, although they would like to be serious hard-rock bad guys, their moustaches and haircuts sometimes raise sniggers in the audience. So much the better!

You might think the Wheels see themselves as a nostalgic tribute to the boy bands of the 1950s. No way. It's three guys, whose energy matches that of four nuclear power plants, who play authentic rock. Reason enough to drop everything you're doing and catch them live! And if your niece doesn't start to hop and dance about wildly in front of the stage, it can only mean she's fallen in love with one of the romantic choruses, the band's second big asset.

The band has already played over 140 gigs throughout Switzerland, France, England and Germany — and picked up a shelf of awards at various music contests: Mycokemusic soundcheck 2008, Caprices Festival 2005 and Mont Soleil 2004 etc.

Yes, their innocence is deceptive. The Rambling Wheels play real rock’n’roll with heart and soul.

In October 2009 their new album ''Furry Tales'' was released to both critical and popular acclaim. The singles ''Love is Twisted and Strange'' and ''Wild'' received a great deal of airplay and the album broke into the charts in its first week of release. Soon after the release, the band began to tour Switzerland extensively, in both the French and German speaking regions. The tour continued throughout the spring and summer of 2010, until the Wheels headed back into the studio in the fall.

In 2011, The Rambling Wheels released their new album The 300’000 Cats Of Bubastis. A new member joined the band : Mister i on the keyboards! The new records is a blend of rock and electro, and should definitely make the girls dance. And the boys too.