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The Grouch

Down to earth, truthfully poignant raps and production
If all was good at home, I wouldn't have grown. I put it in poem to show 'em a better way.
lyrics from Breath

Humbly beginning on a 4-track recorder nearly 15 years ago in Oakland, CA, The Grouch has steadily grown into one of the prominent figures within the independent hip hop scene. He's one of the founding members of the internationally infamous crew, The Living Legends.

Known for captivating his listeners with his down to earth and truthfully poignant raps and production, The Grouch has successfully released over ten solo projects, independently. His first solo album was Don’t Talk To Me, released in 1995, and his latest is 2009’s Three Eyes Off the Time. The album includes a collaboration with Jamaica’s reggae rapper Rankin Scroo, on the song “Daddy’s Home,” as well as with American producer Marty James (who has worked with artists such as Akon, B.o.B, and Snoop Dogg to name a few) on “Make ‘Em Think.”

A consummate workaholic, The Grouch also has numerous groups outside of his solo career, most notably: The Grouch & Eligh and Zion I & The Grouch. His first release with The Grouch & Eligh was 1998’s G&E Music Volume 1, followed by G&E Music Volume 2 in 2000. 2009’s Say G&E! is their latest release together.

With hip hop duo Zion I, their first collaboration was 2006’s Heroes In the City of Dope, and their latest is 2011’s Heroes In the Healing of the Nation. In addition, The Grouch has curated and grown the "How The Grouch Stole Christmas" tour for the past six years. The tour has included such luminaries as Brother Ali, Evidence, Eligh, Zion I, Fashawn & Exile, and Mistah FAB.

Currently making his home in Maui, HI, with his wife and daughter, 2013 will see The Grouch teaming up with longtime collaborator, Eligh for a new project between the duo.