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Julien Jacob

An imaginary language served up by the deep, beguiling voice of a West African/French singer
I only have my music as a passport. It’s the promise of a multitude of regards exchanged and shared emotions from across all borders.
quote from Julien Jacob

Julien Jacob was born in Benin, West Africa and arrived in the South of France in his early childhood. Passionate about music from his early childhood, African chants and rhythms, Jazz, Motown, oriental chants, as well as seventies pop-rock, all unite to enrich his artistic talent.

At the age of 17, he performed on stage for the first time as lead singer in a rock band. In 1983 he decided to go his own way and left the group. From then on, he concentrated on composing his own music. However, during this period he had intense artistic encounters, backstage, with artists like David Bowie, Miles Davis and, in particular, a fabulous evening with Fela Kuti.

In 1993, Julian Jacob left the south of France and settled in Paris. At this time his artistic identity affirmed itself. Inspiration pushed him to sing in a mysterious language which he found within himself; an unknown language that everybody can understand because the words only find their meaning in the emotions they carry. From then on, Julien would sing in his own language. And he addressed himself to the heart, to everybody’s space of intimate peace. At the same time, he started writing books, continuing to follow an internal quest. Music and writing are, for him, two different ways to express his perception of life.

In 1995, Julien found his adoptive home in Brittany and from then on, everything accelerated. He produced a short 4-tracks CD, and then released his first full CD, “Shanti” (Warner), in 2000. Subsequently, he went on tour, around the world, for 4 years: WOMAD festivals in USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Spain, Gran Canarias, and Italy, as well as concerts at Montreal and in France. He also appeared as the opening act for Suzanne Vega and Cesaria Evora.

His second CD “Cotonou” (Wrasse Records) was released in 2005, followed by his third, “Barham” (Volvox Music). Roots sounds, sober arrangements, very acoustic—consisting only guitar, vocals and percussion—this album confirms his artistic identity of Julien.

This was followed by "Sel" (Volvox Music) in 2010, and most recently "Be !" (Volvox Music) in 2012.