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Thee Oops

A blitzkrieg of searing, furious Italian hardcore punk rock
You must find him first if you want to be free.
lyrics from Find Him First

Thee Oops is a band from Cagliari, the capital of the Italian island of Sardinia. They formed in late 2009 with Andrea Pilleri and Claudio Zucca (Love Boat, The Rippers), Roberto Fulghesu and Nicola Erdas (Freaks,) with the idea of ​​writing short songs harkening back to the first wave of American hardcore punk from the 1980s. After some time, Marcello Pisanu (Plasma Expander, Golfclvb) joined the band on second guitar. They made their live debut in Cagliari for the new year 2010 with just a ten minute show.

After several concerts in Sardinia, the band recorded, in just one evening, all the songs they made. In February of 2011, Thee Oops made a small Italian tour and March saw the light of their debut album "Taste of Zimbabwe" for the American label Slovenly Recordings. It features eighteen songs that range from 41 seconds to just under a minute and a half. Songs like “Death To Brunetta” (a reference to Italian politician Renato Brunetta), “Wooden Cunt,” and “Fake News” are known for their cruel, political, and ironic lyrics.

In February 2012, they did their first European tour around Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Belgium. The following month, Damiano Fanti joined the band as their new drummer.

In November 2012 they toured Asia (China, South Korea and Japan) and Slovenly put out a new EP titled Happy Charlie which is out now. The EP includes ten hardcore punk rock tracks, including a cover of the Beastie Boys’ 1982 classic “Egg Raid On Mojo,” one of the first Beastie’s covers since the untimely death of Adam “MCA” Yauch.