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Enlightened dub/roots reggae from a community-minded musical collective
I hope the words of tomorrow do not contain the mistakes of today.
lyrics from Words Of Tomorrow

Having been a full time touring band since 2003, the present incarnation has been steadily Growing into a collection of people that love and support each other more than anything, and the music is starting to represent that reality as well. This Winter, DubConscious released its first album in over two years entitled “These Days“. Members Adrian Zelski, Matthew Woolley, Matty G aka Matt Mansfield, James Keane, Shelley Olin, Scott Pridgen and Jerry Hendelberg are sharing the stage in hopes of setting the intention of reigniting the passion of music that started the band in the early 2000′s. Making music for the reasons of celebration, community building and open mindedness. To exhibit unity and love through the joy of playing music together with great people in the audience. The connection is almost like a church with no god and no dogma. The hope is that the crowd feels just as much a part of the experience as the musicians.

After the release of “NonViolent” on STS9′s 1320 Records in January of 2009, DubConscious toured the whole country and burned the candle at both ends. This was the end of DubConscious as the touring band. Solomon Wright, founding member and key member to the band, parted ways in order to pursue other projects and spend more time with loved ones. Dub Engineer Matty G took the helm as the bass player and has been the bandleader since his inclusion producing the upcoming album “These Days” to be released on February 14, 2012. Matty G recorded the album under the name Piper St. Sounds at DreamLabs Studios.

Currently the band is assembling an epic twenty five song live compilation album that spans the ten year history from 2002 - 2012 which will be released Spring/Summer 2012. Simultaneously, the band has begun to record fourteen brand new songs and hope to have the record completed and released in the Fall 2012. Expect previews soon. Also look out for the release of 'These Dubs - The Remixes' coming soon featuring some of the worlds finest producers and djs.

Since 2002, the Athens, GA dub reggae collective DubConscious has been on the leading edge of solution-based philosophy, social and environmental awareness, and the evolution of today's music. They are dedicated to spreading the word on sustainability, unity, and a greater understanding of the human experience. These values are promoted through their music, their distinctive line of organic merchandise, and their collaboration with organizations such as Rock Against Cancer, Wiser Earth, Hands On Atlanta, Rock The Earth, Riverkeeper, Headcount, and Sustainable Waves. Their unique musical style pays homage to world music icons Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Fela Kuti and King Tubby, while incorporating newer influences of musical pioneers such as Thievery Corporation and Sound Tribe Sector Nine.

Whether opening for Michael Franti and Spearhead, Galactic, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley, JJ Grey & Mofro, or Sound Tribe Sector Nine, or hosting an evening with, DubConscious has developed their Southeastern roots into an inspired musical style. DubConscious has energized audiences nationally at festivals including Bonnaroo, Reggae On the Rocks, 10,000 Lakes Festival, Wakarusa, Langerado, Echo Project, High Sierra, and Joshua Tree Music Festival. They have been spotlighted in a variety of media including, JamBase, XM radio, NPR, and have been awarded Athens, GA's esteemed Flagpole Music Award for "Best World Music" in 2005, 2006, and 2007. To help ensure their indelible mark on social, conscious, and musical evolution, DubConscious often invites like-minded organizations to host information tables at their live performances. DubConscious’ genuinely inspiring live atmosphere, coupled with their studio recordings, successfully harness the energy and powerful nature of the genres they exemplify.