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Permanent Collection

Hazy, guitar-based psychedelia emerging from San Francisco's DIY music scene
So many things with so little space, so many cares with so little grace.
lyrics from Matter At Hand

Originally beginning as the post-Young Prisms solo project of Jason Hendardy in 2011, San Francisco's Permanent Collection became a more rounded-out affair when locals Megan Dabkowski (bass), Brenden Nerfa (guitar) and Mike Stillman (drums) were added to the mix. One part pop, one part shoegaze, with a punk spirit and energy, Permanent Collection exists in a world where it can scribble love notes to Creation Records on one hand, while nodding to neighbors Slumberland Records over the bay bridge on the other.

The debut 12” EP Delirium was released last summer, but the recently completed new album -- Newly Wed Nearly Dead, set for release August 7th on San Francisco's Loglady Records -- is a template of what has become the Permanent Collection sound: candy coated pop structures, swathed in hazy guitars. Hendardy recruited the three additional band members in 2011, and collaborated with them to write and flesh-out the songs on Newly Wed Nearly Dead in their new rough-and-tumble practice space in the notorious Bayview District. The band also turned to cult music icons Monte Vallier (of Swell/Half-Church and owner of Ruminator Audio) and Kramer (producer of groups such as Galaxie 500 and Low) for recording and mastering, and the results are there.

Hendardy himself also plays a role in running Loglady Records, along with Lauren LoPrete. The label began in San Francisco in 2010 as an outlet to release music from the burgeoning bay area DIY scene. In an attempt to alternate from the normal corporate workings of the music and art world, Loglady purposely looks forward to stirring up and documenting the underground movement by carefully navigating the waters that were forged by those before them. Inspired by labels such as K, Creation, Slumberland, Dischord, and Factory, Loglady Records has immersed themselves in the sounds of the pop genre that explore noise, atmosphere, vigor, and imagination. Permanent Collection's debut LP will fit nicely here, alongside recent releases from Terry Malts, Part Time, Moonbell, and others.

Famed rock-critic Robert Christgau once described Sonic Youth's music as “not peering into the fissure (but) barreling down the turnpike like the fissure ain’t there.” This is a mentality that Permanent Collection constantly reminds themselves of, and as a contemporary pop group, strives to mine. The band’s punk infused, fuzzed out pop -- quite simply -- will leave your ears ringing, your heart stinging, and you wanting to come back for more. Carving out new territory for the band, this album will have your brain crooning and undoubtedly fall into your subconscious.