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Acid Baby Jesus

Grecian garage punk erupting with psychedelic surf-rock distortion
I’ve got to pay the rent. My money’s always spent, and I am deep in debt.
lyrics from Tooth To Toe

Just months after releasing their massive "Hospitals" e.p. (702-101), Slovenly Recordings presents the debut full length tidal wave from Greece's Acid Baby Jesus, simply titled, "LP" (702-110). A Mediterranean concoction of two of our favorite "Black" bands (Sabbath/ Lips), ABJ represents the future of heavy psych'n'roll from an isolated, ancient civilization. Combining the ruthless elements of American outlaw roots music and celestial glam rock, like fellow deconstructionists Demon's Claws, "LP" suggests the Rolling Stones at their wearied best, with the electrifying hi-jinks of Brian Eno bulldozing the swagger into the darkest corners of the cosmos.

Among this album's thirteen original compositions, the deathly dirge "Homo Sapiens" claws forth with a twisted, underlying skronk, ending with the terrifying bacchanalia of a pack of disgruntled flying monkeys. Elsewhere, trance inducing lullabies crescendo into fully erupting cacophonies of feedback and distortion. Girl-group icons The Shangri-Las are channeled in the beaty, dark-pop gallop of "I'm A Baby." "Tooth To Toe," with its exotic, percussive clank and uplifting glitter hook juxtaposes brilliantly with its lyrical ode to post-tour poverty ("I've got to pay the rent, my money's always spent, and I'm deep in shit.")

Dynamics play equally as heavy a role as their expert songwriting, and a flawless production job by John Vulgaris rounds this album out with a fresh level of psycho-sonic Alex Chilton-esque throb, heavily peppered with lazy Hazelwood-isms. "LP" presents a long, gooey segue from rave-up to release with breathtaking results, like the best love-making of your life.