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A Savannah, GA trio bringing back speaker-blasting rock and roll
Don't you know that there's blood everywhere? And I didn't really seem to care. I'll just go and slip and slide of what's left of my life.
lyrics from Blood Everywhere

Cusses lead singer Angel Bond met Brian Lackey through mutual friends, and have never separated since. The two moved from Los Angeles, where they worked in art department for print and film together, to follow a passion to make music and play on stage together. They moved to Savannah Georgia in 2009, and met up with Brian's long time friend, and past band mate, Bryan Harder.  The three formed Cusses that summer and played their first show in February 2010.    On stage, Angel is absolutely electrifying. It’s hard to fathom how such a gifted live performer has historically struggled with stage fright. Despite her undeniable Jagger swagger, were you to look closely enough, you can see her hands trembling before a show. “My confidence has improved, but I’m still mad nervous before I get on stage,” admitted Bond. “I try to trick myself each show into thinking that I know what I’m doing. I don’t, but it gets me through the first song.”  Drummer Brian Lackey has played with bands in Savannah, New York and Los Angeles and has toured in Europe. In younger years, Lackey and Cusses guitarist Bryan Harder’s college band opened for minimalist, post-hardcore legends Fugazi. It was this musical chemistry that would later entice Lackey to return to Savannah and serves as the foundation of Cusses. “I have always loved Harder’s approach to life and that comes out through the music,” explained Lackey. Lackey’s longstanding friendship with Harder and his personal relationship with Bond served as the genesis of the band. These same connections now act as the base for not only the trio’s stirring music but also for its business. (The group has fully supported and managed itself since day one.) Cusses isn’t easy to define. One could argue that its sound is reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Bond’s soulful, audacious vocals also contain a touch of Pat Benatar. Yet despite how formidable a lead presence the singer is, Lackey and Harder possess their own signature styles that further define the band. No one currently making music hits the drums as hard as Brian Lackey. It is an exhaustive labor by which he channels his energy to the audience through beat. Witnessing this firsthand, it is easy to see that there’s fire in his belly — an artist using his instrument as release. “I see the faces of all the people I want to punch in the face, including myself five years ago,” said Lackey. “But I save it for the drums because it’s the only place I can’t get in trouble.” Harder’s approach is equally hardcore. His guitar style and set-up tricks the ear, suggesting a bass line where none exists. Before Cusses, his approach had been fairly traditional: pair a guitar with an amplifier and turn it up. No longer. “I have become fascinated with rock bands like Death From Above 1979 and White Stripes, who removed a fundamental ingredient from the typical recipe and sound amazing,” explained Harder. “I am pursuing that idea by providing two parts at once and delivering a full, hi-fi sound that can potentially knock someone over.” PRESENT  The debut LP coming this fall was produced by Dan Hannon who has recorded great artists such as Manchester Orchestra. Angel Bond and Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra joined forces and wrote lyrics together for "Don't Give In".  MTV has already picked up the first video "Worst Enemy". The band is currently filming the second video using the actual stage and set of CBGB's.