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Lauren O'Connell

Beautifully understated folk melodies from a burgeoning singer-songwriter
If you should ever feel bad, consider it a study in just how far it is between a hand you touch and an arm you twist. It's not about what was attached to it.
lyrics from Every Space

With some of the most beautifully understated music of this generation’s country revival, Lauren O’Connell is a burgeoning luminary of the alternative side to that musical world, the folk-inspired heartbeat of songs both intelligent and deeply emotive.

In March 2012, Lauren released her third full-length album Quitters. Growing up in upstate Rochester, New York and making the long PanAm move to California a few years back, Lauren has been on a journey that’s reflected in her music. Released when she was only 18, 2007 debut Sitting in Chairs was a gorgeous one-track acoustic guitar record that belied her young age; now Quitters is an adventurous and ambitious record from an artist who has matured rapidly enough to earn comparisons with Fairport Convention, Wilco and Neil Young: “She might not be shouting very loudly, but what she is saying is with conviction, and the way she’s saying it is beautiful.”

Fittingly for someone whose rise to circles of prominence came through social network media on that internet they have now, Lauren defied tired “difficult second album” clichés as the success of her mesmeric sophomore effort The Shakes helped her rack up YouTube views that are now touching three million, become West Regional Winner of the 2010 Mountain Stage Newsong Contest, and perform at the wedding of Take That member Mark Owen. In addition she has toured with Pomplamoose and Tina Dico, and had further success with Pomplamoose’s Nataly Dawn under the guise of My Terrible Friend; their EP Room for Ghosts making its iTunes bow in 2010.