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Classic sounding indie rock elevated by darkly beautiful pop melodies
So light up that cigarette and smile at me somehow. I pull a twist and dance with me right now.
lyrics from Deciphering Static

BoyPlusKite ("boy plus kite") was formed in 2009 in an unlikely place - a hot tub. Back then, BoyPlusKite's Darvin Jones and Beth Puorro would often sneak into a spa on the outskirts of Austin to swim and pretend to be members of the bourgeoisie. While lounging in bathrobes and discussing band break-ups, Jones and Puorro realized a mutual connection that would eventually lead to the creation of Go Fly, BoyPlusKite's debut album. Though the pair initially bonded over shared musical interests, they still considered themselves polar opposites, with jones's heart based in experimnetal sounds (B. Fleischman, Ms. John Soda) and Puorro's leaning towards pop (The Cure, The Pixies). In BoyPlusKite, they take advantage of this difference, with lyrics, vocals and melodies developed from the unique combination of Jones and Puorro's individual viewpoints.

According to Jones, this duality is at the core of the band. "We aren't trying to tell jus tone story," he explains. "We combine our writing, then we cut it up and put it back together to make a new story altogether." A Go Fly standout track "Alone With A Microphone" was created this way. "We wrote the lyrics independently and then combined them without trying to make it work. We've found that the themes will often mesh without having to think about it. It just happens." Jones continues, "The most important aspect of music for me is to be honest. My inspiration is focused in writing from my gut, not from my head and with Go Fly, we wanted to make a perfect summer soundtrack."

And like so many summers, the album is full of dynamic energy, but isn't without its honest, bittersweet and raw qualities. "The one theme that runs throughout every song on the album is that of relationships," jones reveals. "And not necessarily girl-boy relationships but relationships in life, with friends, lovers, people from your past, with yourself, with your emotions, with your passion and with your art." "Ohio" is one of the album's most poignant songs in this vein. A bittersweet tale of emptiness and shame, it' salso about just wanting to be wanted and to be loved and not just used. On the lighter side is the album's ridiculously catchy first single "Thin In Stereo." This tune along with the tracks "Skipping Backwards" and "Neighbors" define the BoyPlusKite sound, style and direction.

With a debut album waiting in the wings, and the studio duo now a full-fledged live foursome, BoyPlusKite is ready to hit the ground running. "I feel like we have recorded a very solid first album and produced it as well as we could on a shoestring budget," says Jones. I spent so much time tinkering with all the details. I've done a lot of studio recording, but with this record I got to totally geek out and be my complete perfectionist self!" Not bad for a band formed in a hot tub.