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Tatiana Kochkareva

A Russian-American singer writes intense, jazz fueled rock
But when do we take their advice? Jump in wholehearted and don’t think twice. In every loss there is a gain.
lyrics from Roses

With powerful vocals and intricate arrangements, Tatiana Kochkareva’s music is both dynamic and haunting; a result of her early classical and jazz training mixed with her love of rock music greats like Pink Floyd and Queen. A Moscow native with a passionate voice evoking comparisons to Nina Simone, Kochkareva released her third album, Infinity, on April 19, 2012.

Written over the last three years, Infinity marks a more eclectic take on Kochkareva’s sound. The hauntingly powerful first single, “Winter,” represents the end of something that used to be dear and a certain melancholy that comes with it; an inescapable process we all go through at many points of our lives. “To me, winter is one of the main symbols of metamorphosis. It's the last season of the year and brings us to a certain finale. We see it in nature, when suddenly everything stands still and freezes in time until it can come back to life,” she said.

Recorded with Jeff Berner (Naam, Tigercity, Wakey!Wakey!) at Brooklyn’s GaluminumFoil studios, Infinity features Sarab Singh, Spencer Cohen, Daniel Platzman on drums; Jeff Berner, Michael Feinberg on bass; Jeff Berner on drum programming/sequencing and guitar; and Tatiana Kochkareva on vocals, keyboard and harmonium.