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Monica Lionheart

Ambient, electro-acoustic songs with mesmerizing vocals in English and Spanish
Waking in my body I don't feel like myself. Who's that smiling stranger in the pictures on the shelf?
lyrics from Escape Strategy

A singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Lionheart is known for creating unique, atmospheric songs with a global twist. In Indian Summer, her first album since Zigmat’s critically acclaimed Sounds of Machine, the chanteuse channels Norah Jones’s soothing vocals, deconstructs personal relationships with the lyrical honesty reminiscent of Julieta Venegas and brings it all together with the kind of eclectic beats that defined Beth Orton. From the calmness of “Air and Sea” to the complexity of “Circles,” which features world-renowned cellist, Yoed Nir (Regina Spektor, Rufus Wainwright) Indian Summer is an exotic, aural experience.

Lionheart’s music is often described as both mystifying and haunting and Indian Summer is no exception. Filled with lush arrangements, mesmerizing vocals and vivid imagery, the album is a chronicle of love and heartbreak. In describing her vision for the album Lionheart says, “I named it Indian Summer because it is one of nature's many art forms. When an Indian Summer happens, there's a collective sigh in the enjoyment. My aim was to capture that feeling in the songs.”

Of the recording process, Lionheart says, “It was self-therapeutic. I recorded the skeleton of the songs in two months while in Santorini, Greece. I spent the summer alone with my laptop and a couple of my instruments. Usually the songs began as a poem but the best ones formed organically.”