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Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys

A Michigan band plays traditional bluegrass with a bright-eyed, contemporary sensibility
Seems our luck ran out and there were times I thought we'd lost it all. But I know God will bring you to me, we'll have better luck next fall.
lyrics from Ratko's Waltz

Hailing from all corners of the Great Lakes State of Michigan, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys are giving a nod to American traditional music, while boldy taking their own songs in new directions. Distinct vocals, tight harmonies, instrumental expertise, and creative arrangements are all essential characteristics of their unique sound. The group focuses on the original tunes of Lindsay Lou Rilko, which include true-life tales of bank-robbing aunties, moonshinin' grandpas, and celebrations of love, life, and nature. Don't be surprised to hear bluegrass standards, Beatles hits, and contemporary classics at a Flatbelly's show as well. It's an infectious vibe that could only have been born in the heart of America's Fresh Coast!