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The Cast Of Cheers

Dublin dance rockers with addictive riffs and volatile choruses
I will never give my heart to anyone else but him and her. You will never give your heart to anyone else but her and me.
lyrics from Goose

Family, the debut album from The Cast of Cheers is out now on School Boy Error / Cooperative Music. Additionally the band have revealed the video to their latest single "Human Elevator" – perhaps their most addictive track to date. As drums pound and looped riffs unspool, lead singer Conor brings a thrilling air of combustible menace to proceedings as he sneers, "we go down/ I spit you out" in the verses before exploding into a volatile chorus, making it one of the finest slices of angular dance rock you're likely to hear all year.

However, it would be a bit of a misnomer to call Family The Cast of Cheers' debut – that would be Chariot, the album the Irish quartet recorded themselves in three days, and which they subsequently put up on Bandcamp for free. It received over 150,000 downloads and netted them a nomination at the Choice Music Awards, sending their star into rapid ascendance. Their next single, the blistering "Family" saw the band championed by the influential likes of the UK's Zane Lowe, Fearne Cotton, Huw Stephens and more, while their follow-up single "Animals" has neatly repeated the same trick.

Anticipation is therefore riding high for the next phase, and to that end, Family due August 21st and produced by Luke Smith (Foals, Clor) surely does not disappoint. As their rousing live shows have indicated, this band know their way around an aggressively infectious hook and riproaring three minute song, with tracks like the pummelling "Human Elevator" and the driving "Goose" – imagine an amped up Battles jamming with vintage Gang of Four and you'll be somewhere close – demonstrating an impressive ability to write sharp, concise, math-rock tracks that pack a punch even as they are moving your hips.

Which is not to say, however, that the band only have one note. The mid-tempo "Go Getter" is a lovely, warm-hearted mini-anthem in waiting, with lead singer Conor Adams singing "you're out of the thorns, you're out of it now", while "Marso Sava" is a tender love song recalling Simon & Garfunkel as much as it does a jittery XTC. Closer "They Call It a Race", meanwhile sees the band in more wistful mode, with Adams asking "is anybody else losing heart tonight?" over a gorgeous, euphoric rush of rattling guitars and sweetly cooed backing vocals. It is a fine, reflective end to a fine record, and a powerful introduction to the world of The Cast of Cheers.