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Minotaur Shock

Gorgeously warm and tranquil electronic music from a Bristol, UK producer
All that scrabbling at the start that turns into a plucky little melody? That's my little old Grandmother's little old piano. She very kindly gave it to me a few weeks before I started making this album.
David Edwards on "Zookeeper"

Minotaur Shock is, in one way or another, David Edwards. David has been making music since the last century. Starting out using borrowed equipment, living in a borrowed house in an adopted country across the murky Severn, he recorded some tracks that were released on Melodic Records. His friend Warwick The Skipper drew the pictures that were used on the sleeve.

This was the first time David had held a piece of vinyl with his own music on it, and was a special time. After graduating, he returned to Bristol with an urge to hold a new piece of his own vinyl. The last one was getting tatty. So he did another bunch of tracks that Melodic kindly released.

Soon it was time to make an album. That was back in 2001. The album was called "Chiff-Chaffs and Willow Warblers", and this meant that David got his hands on a commercially-produced CD with his music on. Whilst not quite as exciting as the fresh vinyl, this still made him happy and proud. It was a special time.

After this, David released a few more tracks and a compilation on the Melodic label, and found himself remixing other people's work.

During the next few years, David concentrated on playing drums and other instruments for another band, Bronze Age Fox, who comprised of beloved old friends and his younger sibling. They had fun releasing oddly shaped vinyl records in absurdly limited editions, playing their pop music here and there, releasing the hard-to-find "Compilation" CD (hard-to-find unless you look on the top of David's wardrobe) and recording an as-yet-unreleased debut album, "Impossible". BAF fell foul of the industry, their own willful obscurity and the pressures of trying to make a living. However, this was a really special time. Really special.

Ok, so after that brief diversion into songwriting and proper pop production, David retreated to his little studio and made some more music. He also made a baby, and when 4AD (a label he had grown up loving) showed an interest in releasing his music, he decided that while Melodic will always hold an immovable place in his heart (remember that special time with the first vinyl?), it was time to move on.

4AD released a couple of singles and an album in 2005, "Maritime". This was another special time. David got to travel a bit, played some live shows with his friend Emily and brother William in the band (including a tour with Yo La Tengo and various festivals hither and thither). David also carried on doing the odd remix.

The fourth Minotaur Shock album, "Orchard", is set for release in 2012 on the Melodic label, back where it all began...