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Young Liars

A Vancouver, CA band makes electro-rock of epic proportions
I’d expected a collage of colours, not white and grey. The seasons don’t hesitate to rush us past the day.
lyrics from Colours

Named after author David Lapham’s DC Comic series, Vancouver’s Young Liars serve their indie rock dish with a side of electronic pop. Drummer Ty Badali, vocalist Jordan Raine and bassist Andrew Beck diverged from a former band, meeting guitarist Angelo Ismirnioglou through a Craigslist band member hunt and, consequently, his friend on synths Wesley Nickel to make the group whole. The upbeat five-piece started out in 2008 and debuted with their self-released Homesick Future EP in 2011. The seven-track was later re-released through Nettwerk Records in February 2012, featuring singles “Colours” and “Echoists.” Young Liars predominantly tour Canada, but made a US debut in October 2011 at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival Los Angeles.

On their Facebook page, Vancouver, BC band Young Liars claim to have met while ducking for cover in Paris during riots there. The story is so detailed you can't help but believe them, until you remember their band name as they admit it's all fabrication. Even so, their music does have a momentous, charged feel to it, as if it really was born in a basement as the world's most romantic city was torn by violence. Equal parts Phoenix style Parisian electro rock and Killers-esque stadium rock, Young Liars only have a seven song EP to their name, but they make a big impression.

“Navigator Island” has the DNA of a lighter-waving-ballad with its dramatic piano and perfect sing along melody, but like most of the band's music, it's also energetic and dance-y. Frontman Jordan Raine's vocals are measured and theatrical almost like The Smith's Morissey mixed with Freddie Mercury. “Echoists” slides down easy with its hyper-active synths and dance beat as Raine croons smoothly away. The chorus shows these guys are ready for the big time as Raine sings, “take me in your arms tonight and I'll be there” against toy-like keyboards and dark synths. It's simultaneously fun, ultra catchy and dramatic. You imagine this playing in a club, driving a crowd wild as a light show flashes behind the band.

“Colours” is one of those tracks where everything kind of coalesces and opens a window to something truly great from the band in years to come. Sounding quite a bit like the U.K.'s best indie dance acts of the last few years like Friendly Fires, the band creates lots of open space, allowing Tyler Badali's dance inducing drums to flourish alongside minimal synths and Raine's excitingly agitated vocal performance. Guitars don't even come in until the chorus when the band explodes into an adrenaline-fueled chorus.

Young Liars don't need a crazy back story to get attention, their music speaks for itself.