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Julia Price

A singer/songwriter zeroes in on the blueprint for catchy piano pop
But I heard the funniest thing that you forgot to tell me. Your friend came up to me, and you didn't want to say, you've got a girlfriend.
lyrics from Girlfrend

Julia Price’s music career is fresh—like, really fresh. We first heard from the Uptown New York singer/songwriter after she released her first single “Girlfriend” in September 2011. However, family and friends watched Price grow up singing. The up-and-comer always kept her aspirations broad; her upbringing largely revolved around athletics, including competitive gymnastics and diving, demanding more time for training and leaving less for music. A recurring injury put Price in a tough place, sidelining her from her college diving career. But this granted Price the opportunity to explore and hone her talents. Originally in pursuit of a career in journalism, the University of Miami alum opted out of the reporter’s lifestyle with ABC’s Good Morning America to become a full-time musician. Since then, Price moved to Los Angeles, toured the United States and most recently released her debut Stories Between the Avenues EP in late-July 2012.

Funny that a city as gritty, harsh and hectic as New York can inspire such a huge range of art about its buzzing grids of pavement. Though she recently moved to L.A., Julia Price's just-released EP Stories Between the Avenues is inspired by life in New York. The EP is made up of adorable pop music built from sweet vocal melodies and carefully crafted lyrics, and the songs are playful, fun and a far cry from the harsh big city life chronicled in the lyrics. Much like New York singer/songwriter Regina Spektor, Price is all about brightly chiming piano chords that pound out a catchy bed for her charming vocals.

This music will score too high on the cute scale for some, but embrace pure pop and you'll have trouble not humming along to tracks like “Girlfriend.” Beginning with nothing but percussive piano and Price's accompanying vocals, this melody isn't leaving your head anytime soon. Beyond an ear for a catchy hook, it's clear that Price has got the blueprint for a pop song's structure down as she slows things down for the bridge and slides gracefully into the chorus. In a nice change from the playfully quirky verse, the chorus is upbeat but also sentimental in that anthemic way that the best pop songs are.

“New Love” moves away from piano ditties towards power pop territory, bringing in electric guitars to pump some early Liz Phair big powerful choruses into the track. The sound suits her well and makes you hope there'll be more rockin' moments in Price's future.

It's still early days for Julia Price, but she's already proven to be a talent with the ability to zero in on the blueprint for catchy piano pop.