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Jack Beauregard

An electronic Berlin duo proves why you shouldn't judge music by a name
You keep your heart in a lost direction. Oh when you seem like a fool, when you're namin' a pure distraction, I admit it feels cool.
lyrics from You Drew A Line

Jack Beauregard is synth-pop duo Pär Lammers and Daniel Schaub. Their name comes from the 1973 spaghetti western film, My Name Is Nobody, which stars Henry Fonda as an aging gun-slinger named Jack Beauregard. Writing their songs in Berlin, the pair has been making music since 2006. The band’s sophomore effort, The Magazines You Read, was released on April 29, 2011 on Tapete Records, with "You Drew The Line" serving as the lead single. In addition to their own music, they sometimes write songs for other artists, most notably, singer-songwriter Lena Meyer-Landrut—professionally known as Lena—who represented Germany in the 2010 Eurovision song contest. Jack Beauregard has played successful tours in England and Sweden, and was the opening act for Mika in 2010. In support of The Magazines You Read, the two took to the road much of 2011.

Jack Beauregard is the perfect example of what happens when you judge music by a name. Because, based on name alone, you might expect Jack Beauregard to be a burly singer-songwriter who retreats to a cabin in the woods to write heartbreaking songs. Or if you're a film buff, maybe this could be spaghetti western music fit for the soundtrack of My Name Is Nobody, the 1973 film starring Henry Fonda as an aging gun-slinger named Jack Beauregard. Both of these suppositions couldn't be further from the truth. Like our December 19th band, The Rosie Taylor Project—which doesn't have any members named Rosie Taylor—Jack Beauregard is actually an electronic duo from Berlin, consisting of Daniel Schaub (guitar, vocals) and Pär Lammers (programming). Before coming together as Jack Beauregard, Schaub and Lammers were known for their work as songwriters for platinum selling German pop star, Lena Meyer-Landrut, writing songs like “I Just Want Your Kiss.” It's a soulful, retro pop number, much in the same vein as the late Amy Winehouse. But with their work as Jack Beauregard, especially on the 2011 release of their latest album The Magazines You Read, Schaub and Lammers have crafted a sound that's uniquely their own. Opening track “You Drew A Line” combines slightly downtempo electronic touches with a driving, heartbeat-like rhythm, and Schaub's gentle vocals—which are sung entirely in English, despite the band being from Berlin. While “You Drew A Line” shows off Jack Beauregard's mellower side, “Hollywood” is something that you could imagine hearing in a sleek club, pulsating industrial electronic beats serving as an instigator to knock back a few shots and hit the dance floor. Schaub repeats the line “hold me tight/I got songs to do” almost like a mantra, until you find yourself singing alongside him. “Tremors” is one of those songs that's instantly cool right from the get-go, a funky guitar line and programmed beats creating a rhythm that will turn your stride from a strut into a swagger. On “Show Me Your Love,” Schaub ponders things like, “if I was high up in a tree/if that was where I wanted to be/would you climb up to the top/to show me your love?” It's one of the more subtle tracks on the album, meant for introspective moments rather than pumping you up for a big night out. There are still buzzing electronic elements, but they're so slight that the focus is put more on Schaub's willowy vocals. Though Schaub and Lammers could easily have slipped into the commercial pop realm, given their track record with acts like Lena, their work as Jack Beauregard somehow feels much more authentic.