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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Danish electro-funk collective with a futuristic approach to retro sounds
You rise up over me, like the sun over the sea, the one I can't defeat.
lyrics from Ghost In My Head

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is an electro-pop/funk group that formed in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Started by Mette Lindberg (vocals) and Lars Iversen (bass, keys, backing vox, MD), the band also performs with: Miloud Carl Sabri (trumpet, keys), Mikkel Dørig (guitar, keys), Mikko Etienne (saxophone, keys), and Rasmus Jensen (drums). Their debut single, “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” was released on September 15, 2008 on their own label. “Around the Bend” was used in an Apple iPod Touch commercial in September 2008 and released as a single a few months later. The band’s debut album Fruit was launched in September 2009. Three years later, in early 2012, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour released their latest album, Out Of Frequency.

If you didn't know any better, you might think that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's lead vocalist, Mette Lindberg, is actually a fembot who's been sent to earth to shake up the music industry. The blonde-haired vixen's distinct vocals defy any hit of what time period, country, or even planet she's from. Lindberg is actually from Copenhagen, Denmark—and not a galaxy far, far away—and formed The Asteroids Galaxy Tour with multi-instrumentalist Lars Iversen in 2007. They've since evolved into a 7-member electro-funk collective, and were propelled onto the radar of public consciousness after their song “Around The Bend” (from their 2009 debut album, Fruit) was featured on an iPod commercial.

Aside from their upbeat, horn-heavy hit, their debut album Fruit features ten other tunes that are uniquely trippy, with an intergalactic vibe. Inspired by a Danish religious cult leader, who purchased and bulldozed a prominent subversive youth haven in Copenhagen, opening track “Lady Jesus” warns, “Watch out everyone/Here she comes claiming like she's the chosen one/Who's gonna save this blinded fool?” In “Push The Envelope,” Lindberg is like a cartoon devil sitting on someone's shoulder, fiendishly urging to, “push the envelope, wild child!” and repeating shouts of, “come on!”

But the catchiest song on the album doesn't come until halfway through, with “The Golden Age.” The twinkling piano line is prominently playful over big band-style horns, and lyrics that urge listeners to loosen up and “sing it out loud, and let yourself free!” Picking up where Fruit left off is their 2012 sophomore album, Out Of Frequency. Opening track “Gold Rush Pt. 1” is a short instrumental introduction, almost like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's take on opening montages from some of the great cult films of the 1960s. Combining funkadelic horns and what sounds like a laser gun battle, “Major” could very well be the result of a marching band who accidentally downed acid-spiked energy drinks before performing a halftime show.

“Suburban Space Invader” is more of a mid-tempo romp, the kind of song you might listen to while cruising on a candy-colored hoverboard. Listen closely, and you'll hear a nod to their fellow Scandinavians, ABBA (“See yourself on a silver screen/Dancing queen just seventeen,” sings Lindberg). Fusing the past with the future, both on Fruit and Out Of Frequency, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour create an exhilaratingly danceable auditory journey through time and space.