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Pet Conspiracy

Auditory acid trips straight from China's underground electro scene
Fast food babies, fancy crowds. Fast food babies, I wanna take you far beyond!
lyrics from Beyond

Pet Conspiracy is a house/electro group from Beijing, China. The band is made up of indie Italian musicians Edo (Drums, Guitar) and Mary (Vocals, DJ), designer/lead vocalist Fiona (also known as Yun Yun), and electronic producer Huzi (Production, Guitar). The band first came together in 2007 in the Beijing underground music scene and released their first self-titled EP in 2008. Pet Conspiracy makes a unique brand of avant-garde electro punk music that compliments the absurd nature of their live shows. The band’s second effort, The China EP, was released in 2009. The group's first full-length feature album Chongwu Tongmou debuted in 2011 and garnered a considerable amount of critical praise. After being nominated in several categories for Douban music awards, the group will be touring around Asia in spring of 2012, with dates in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur announced.

With ancient landmarks like the Forbidden City, which has been around for thousands of years, Beijing, China might not be the first destination that comes to mind when looking for the future of music. But delve into the capital's underground, and you'll find a thriving music scene that includes bands like Pet Conspiracy. The four-piece electro/disco house group, much like the culinary United Nations that is a mall food court, brings together musicians from China and Italy. Before forming Pet Conspiracy in 2007, lead guitarist Huzi was an established artist for X-Doctor, a 90's folk band from Beijing. After deciding to focus on electronic music, Huzi collaborated with TV personality/Ziyo frontwoman Helen Feng, electronic producer Liman, drummer Edo De Bastiani, and vocalist Fiona Zhou (also known as Yun Yun) to form the band. Liman and Feng have since left the band, and DJ Mary is the newest recruit to the electro supergroup. Over the past five years, Pet Conspiracy has become known for their wild live shows in China and Europe—they once even had a two-tiered rainbow DJ pyramid, which they tore down at the end of their set before stage diving into a thumping crowd. Yun Yun even scored her spot in the band by jumping onstage during a show, grabbing the mic, and singing.Translating the energy and quirkiness of their live show to recorded material is Pet Conspiracy's 2011 self-titled debut album. “Beyond” is a dark electro club-banger, the kind of song that's meant for nights of indulgence (which may or may not lead to mornings of regrets). Showcasing the band's multiculturalism, it's sung primarily in English, with a spitfire flow in Italian courtesy of DJ Mary. And with scenes of people partying while wearing animal masks, the music video for “Beyond” seems to enhance the idea of cutting loose and letting your animalistic side take over every once in awhile. “LSD” is an auditory acid trip of radiant, pulsating synths, and could very well transport you to an altered state of envisioning morphing objects and rippling, ultraviolet dance floors. This is the kind of music that transcends borders and languages—no matter if you're in an underground club in Beijing, or in an Italian disco, Pet Conspiracy will rouse you into a gloriously self-indulgent dance frenzy.