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Distinctly British punk rock with just a hint of predatory danger
You told us you'd leave forever and no heart of mine is in this place. I'll stay here watching from my third floor window, with an inevitably empty smile stuck on my face.
lyrics from Fallen On Deaf Ears

Sharks are a four-piece punk band based out of Leamington Spa, England, that first came together in 2007. Their name comes from the song “In the Belly of a Shark,” by English punk band Gallows. The group, all in their early twenties, consists of James Mattock on lead vocals and guitar, Andrew Bayliss on guitar, Sam Lister on drums, and Tony Corrales on bass. In 2008, the group released their debut five track EP, Shallow Waters. This led to support slots in the UK and Europe with bands like Gallows, Babyshambles, Girls, and Lostprophets. A second five track EP, Show of Hands, was released by Best Before Records in October 2010, and the band was invited to open for The Gaslight Anthem during their 2010 UK and European tours. In 2011, Sharks released The Joys of Living 2008-2010, a compilation of previously released material, before embarking on a North American tour that included the entire Warped Tour, and support slots for Social Distortion. No Gods, Sharks' debut full-length album, was released on Rise Records in March 2012.

As dangerous as sharks can be, with several sets of razor-sharp teeth ready to bite down on anything with a pulse, there's something endlessly fascinating about these sea creatures. Taking inspiration from the fearsome fish is Sharks, a four-piece punk rock band from Leamington Spa, England. Though, despite what their name might suggest, you're much more likely to start a mosh pit while listening to Sharks, instead of going on a man-eating rampage. Inspired by late-70s British punk greats like The Clash (lead singer James Mattock even sounds a bit like Joe Strummer), Sharks first formed in 2007. Their name actually originated from the song “In the Belly of a Shark,” by fellow Brit punk rockers, Gallows. After releasing two EP's, Sharks put together a compilation album called The Joys of Living 2008-2010, which was released in 2011. Songs like “It All Relates” have the type of anthemic choruses that will make you want to double-knot your Doc Martens, clutch a plastic cup of beer, put your arm around a stranger and jump up and down to the beat of the “oh-oh-oh's!” Showcasing the softer side of punk is “Sweet Harness,” which has more of a mid-tempo beat and prettier, soaring guitar riffs. It's the song that proves that, despite their heavily tattooed exteriors, Sharks are not afraid to tap into their emotions. “The Joys of Living” brings back the crunchier, darker sound with swirling guitar build-ups and feedback. A harmonica is thrown in for good measure, giving the song a distinctly British feel, similar to bands like Babyshambles (who they once opened for in the UK). On their first full-length album No Gods, which was just released in March of this year, Sharks' sound is more evolved and expansive, yet still retains a sharp edge. Lead single “Arcane Effigies” has a simple-yet-catchy song structure, and you might find yourself chiming in “Hey, Rudy, Rudy!” with the rest of the gang. Proving that they're not caught up in the moment of music trends, Sharks will shake up your music collection with just the right amount of predatory danger.