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Hooray For Earth

Dreamy experimental rock held together by airy synth hooks
Hollow chest, it's a hollow chest on a solemn quest to bring a guest into your arms.
lyrics from True Loves

Hooray For Earth is an experimental rock band currently based out of New York City. Built around the home recordings of singer and multi-instrumentalist Noel Heroux, the group first emerged as Hooray For Earth in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts. The current lineup includes bassist Christopher Principe and drummer Joseph Ciampini alongside Heroux. In the months leading up to Heroux's move to New York City, in 2007, the tracks for the Cellophone EP were recorded. The EP was released on February 26, 2008 on Dopamine Records. This was shortly followed by the release of the Momo EP, first through eMusic Selects as a digital-only release, and later re-issued through Dovecote Records in June 2010. The band has toured extensively around the U.S, and have supported the likes of Surfer Blood, Architecture In Helsinki, and A Place To Bury Strangers. Hooray For Earth's first full-length LP, True Loves, was recorded over the span of six weeks in the summer of 2010. It was released on Dovecote Records in June, 2011.

You might not expect otherworldly sounds coming from a band called Hooray For Earth. Although their name applauds our planet, their futuristic synth-driven rock music sounds like it could have been beamed down to us from a different galaxy. But the group actually hails from New York City, and not from a galaxy far, far away. Originally formed around the home recordings of singer and multi-instrumentalist Noel Heroux, Hooray For Earth's current line-up includes drummer Joseph Ciampini and bassist Christopher Principe. Together they make music that's darkly beautiful and experimental, held together by airy synth hooks. “Surrounded By Your Friends,” off of their 2010 MOMO EP, opens with a looping tambourine beat, and is soon joined by a fizzing synth line. With lines like, “I hope at least in the end/ you're surrounded by your friends/ they all know that you were right,” Heroux brings a bit of optimism about the end of times. Following the buzz they rightfully earned in 2010, Hooray For Earth released their full-length, debut album in 2011. “True Loves,” the title track off of the album, sounds like an experiment in medieval futurism. It starts off with Gregorian-like chants, but as if they're being sung by a choir of extraterrestrials instead of monks. Even the brilliant Young Replicant music video for this track pulls off the medieval futurism feel. A disheveled knight runs through a barren landscape, trying to escape a bow and arrow-wielding assassin on a white horse. Just as the arrow is about to hit him, he stumbles through a mysterious black cloud and washes up on a shore, seemingly centuries in the future. Though not all of the tracks on True Loves have epic music videos, they all possess the same, otherworldly and cinematic quality. “Sails” starts off like a meteor shower of sparkling synth beats, before Heroux's dreamily hazy vocals come in. There's something slightly hypnotic about the way he sings, “this violation somehow doesn't matter so much” in the chorus, and it becomes all too easy (and joyful) to get caught up in their musical version of our world.