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Sneaky Sound System

Effervescent house music from Sydney, Australia that heats up the night
We talked so many times, You were always, my medicine. You mean everything to me.
lyrics from Big

Formed in 2006 by Connie Mitchell, Black Angus, and Daimon Downey, Sneaky Sound System is one of Australia's most successful dance acts of the last decade. The Sydney group, which is now a duo consisting of Mitchell and Angus, has released three albums of infectious house anthems and toured with superstars including Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams and Jamiroquai. The trio released their debut album in 2006, which stayed on the Australian album charts for over a year and eventually hit the number five spot. The band's follow up album, “2” reached the #1 on the Australian charts when it debuted in 2008. The group has scored hits with songs including “Hip Hop Hooray,” “I Love It,” and “UFO.” The band recently released their third album, From Here to Anywhere on Australian label Modular.

Sydney, Australia's Sneaky Sound System have somehow tiptoed under the radar in most countries other than Australia, but their ultra-catchy brand of electro-pop seems like it should be played on radios and not at all sneaky sound systems all over the world. The group released their debut in 2006, and since then have enjoyed a number of singles staking a claim on the upper reaches of the Australian singles charts, in addition to hitting the number one spot for their sophomore album, 2. Since then, Sneaky Sound System have collaborated with numerous artists including Kanye West and Jay-Z on their 2011 collaborative release Watch the Throne, and found time to release a third Sneaky Sound System album, From Here To Anywhere late in 2011. The album is filled to the brim with hooky disco house: dance-inducing beats, huge choruses, and synths bounding around the mixes. Standout “Really Want To See You Again” doesn't waste anytime, teasing you by launching straight into the chorus for a few moments, settling down into a grooving verse, then switching right back into the laser-anthem chorus. The song feels air-tight, every bass drum and synthesizer is exactly where it should be. It's the work of highly skilled electronic dance producers, no doubt about it. “Big” fuses some DNA from ABBA with modern electro-house to excellent effect as vocalist Connie Mitchell let's her charismatic pipes blow the roof off behind flickering synths and sweeping strings. “Friends” dials things back, recalling the early work of label mates Cut Copy with its spick and span production and laid-back vibe. It's got a banging club beat, but still feels leisurely somehow, as if it was meant to be blasted at a chilled out Sydney beach party. From Here To Anywhere is an expertly crafted collection of dance music that will have you singing along wherever you are -club or lounge chair.