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Heavy Cream

Fast and furious female-fronted garage punk from Nashville, TN
Oh Madonna's pointy bra, baddest thing I ever saw!
lyrics from Hawkwound

Heavy Cream is a four-piece garage punk band from Nashville, Tennessee. Formed in 2009, the band features Jessica MacFarland (vocals), Tiffany Minton (drums), Mimi Galbierz (guitar), and Seth Sutton (bass). The band is heavily influenced by 70s punk bands like The Ramones, and lead singer MacFarland is often compared to Joan Jett (The Runaways). After signing to the Nashville-based label Infinity Cat Recordings (which is run by members of JEFF the Brotherhood), their debut album Danny was released in August 2010. It was produced by JEFF the Brotherhood's Jake Orrall and, in true garage punk fashion, most of there songs are less than two minutes long. The twelve-song debut clocks in at just over twenty minutes, with “Stiff Lick” the longest track at 2'21”. “Unique New York” is the album's shortest track, at just 34 seconds long. Heavy Cream is currently touring and recording, both in their native Nashville and beyond.

Heavy Cream is a four-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee—a location that might make you automatically assume that they're a country music act. After all, the city is home to the Grand Ole Opry, CMT (Country Music Television), and the Country Music Hall of Fame. But if you bother to look beyond a reputation that seems to glorify twangy singing from men in cowboy hats, you'll find a flourishing garage punk scene. Jack White's Third Man Records is based there, and bands like JEFF the Brotherhood, Pujol, and Natural Child are all prominent players in the tight-knit community. The community is so tight that bands often do cross-promotions, split releases, and fill in for each other at concerts. Mostly centered around a house party circuit, often led by the folks at the Nashville's Dead blog, the music is a true reflection of its environment. That is, it's loud, fast, and deliberately unpolished—the perfect soundtrack for swilling down cans of Milwaukee's Best Light beer. One listen to Danny, Heavy Cream's debut album, and you'll hear exactly why they count themselves as part of this community. Released in 2010, Danny was actually produced by JEFF the Brotherhood's Jake Orrall and released on his label Infinity Cat Recordings. In true garage punk fashion, the entire album was recorded in less than 24 hours, and it just barely passes the twenty minute mark. These are simple, no-frills songs that get straight to the point. Take the album's shortest track “Unique New York,” which clocks in at thirty four seconds. It starts with lead singer Jessica MacFarland counting from one through eight—and sounding an awful lot like Joan Jett—before repeating “I want to go to unique New York!” over speedy power chords. It's a convincing plea, and you might find yourself pumping your fist in a “Yes! Let's do it NOW!” fashion. “Watusi” (named after the famous dance craze) is nearly four times in length, and it's one of the album's catchiest tracks. A bass drum beat kicks it off, followed by handclaps and heavy cymbal action. And long after the song is over, MacFarland's declarations of “I just wanna do the Watusi!” will be stuck in your head. Heavy Cream's songs might be short and raucous, but each and every one is full of great hooks and energy that will make you want to let loose, grab a bunch of friends, and throw a wild backyard party.