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Evan Voytas

Falsetto space funk meets electro-pop gloss
I still remember how I felt that day, I still remember what I couldn't say, when we could offer a way.
lyrics from When We could All Float Away

Evan Voytas is a musician originally from rural Pennsylvania, and currently based in Los Angeles. The musician studied jazz throughout high school, and later immersed himself in classical music studies after moving to New York at 18. After playing lead guitar as a touring member of various bands, Voytas decided to settle in Los Angeles. Moving away from classical and jazz, Voytas began making dreamy electro-pop compositions, releasing a number of EPs including, Introducing Evan Voytas in 2008, I Live This Life Here For You in 2009, and Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere on the label Casine in 2010. His latest effort, Feel Me, was released January 21st on Dovecote Records. Voytas has also served as a touring member for L.A. beat scene luminary Flying Lotus and Gonjasufi.

Evan Voytas was a student of jazz and classical music growing up, and is a touring member of L.A. beat scene leading lights Flying Lotus and Gonjasufi. However, his music sounds very little like any of those styles. But you'll forgive him, as Voytas' combination of 70s and 80s R&B, pop and starry-eyed electronic compositions are so well realized. Voytas' just released Feel Me EP merges dreamy and sexy in sparkling little pop packages, packed to the brim with synths, meaty guitars, and shimmering atmospherics. On “When We Could All Float Away,” Voytas somehow makes his falsetto vocals sound breathy as he sings over a bed of synths. Without further ado, Voytas launches into one of the catchiest electro-pop choruses this side of MGMT. “The Weightlessness” brings out Voytas' dramatic side. He keeps his Prince-style falsetto going, and adds skittering beats (perhaps an influence from his sometimes employer Flying Lotus?), creating a cinematic feel. “Can't Let Anybody Know Who You Are” is the EP's spacy R&B jam. Voytas layers spacious synths together with a minimalist beat, cooing over it like an R&B singer on the moon.

One of the strongest tracks on the EP, “Feel Me” has an effortless party feel to it with its funky guitar stabs careening happily around the track, and rich keyboards. It sounds like Voytas is taking cues from Daft Punk's fascination with 70s disco and funk (the source of most samples on their 2000 album Discovery), but Voytas is leaning more towards rock than house. While a few more songs on the EP would have been appreciated, Voytas created a compelling set of songs. Much like fellow L.A. pop astronaut Ariel Pink, Voytas has mined funk and R&B from decades past, successfully transferring some of their essence into dream pop confetti.