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The Pinker Tones

Make your world rosier with uplifting electro-tinged music from Barcelona
Welcome to The Million Colour Revolution, we are waiting for your contribution. Welcome to the Million Colour Revolution, you can start an inner evolution.
lyrics from Welcome To TMCR

The Pinker Tones are an electronic duo from Barcelona, Spain. In the early 2000s, Salvador “Mister Furia” Rey (vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute) and Alex “Professor Manso” Llovet (keyboards, samples, drums) began performing under the name The Pinker Tones. They recorded their debut album, 2003's The Pink Connection, in a tiny rooftop studio in Barcelona called “Pinkerland,” and it was released on a Japanese label called Rambling Records. Shortly after, they had their worldwide album debut (under the name The BCN Connection) through UK label Outstanding Records. While their music is primarily rooted in electronica, it also features a mix of pop, funk, lounge, and soul music. Lyrically, their songs are sung in a combination of Spanish, English, French, and German. Their second album, The Million Colour Revolution, was released through the US-based label Nacional Records, and it entered the Top 10 on iTunes Top Latin Albums chart. Furthering their global recognition, The Pinker Tones have had a song featured on the ABC sitcom “Ugly Betty,” music videos on heavy rotation on MTV Networks, and songs featured in EA Sports FIFA 09 and FIFA 11 soundtracks. Their latest album, Modular, was released on Nacional Records in 2010, and they are slated to release a compilation album in late 2011.

Sometimes a song has the ability to be so infectiously happy, that you can't help but be consumed by its mood-lifting effects, even if you're having a terrible day. Disney's “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” has been doing that since the 1940s, transporting listeners to The Happiest Place On Earth through its optimistic lyrics and sweet whistling refrain. Now, “The Whistling Song” by The Pinker Tones, from their album Wild Animals, is doing a similar thing for the 21st century—only the electronic duo are transporting listeners to the warm beaches of their native Barcelona, instead of to the Magic Kingdom. It combines an uptempo reggae beat with cheery lyrics like, “Whistling here/whistling there/whistling almost everywhere” and “All I do is whistle for you.” Mister Furia and Professor Manso, the men behind The Pinker Tones, have been creating an uplifting, electronic-twinged mix of music since they first got together in 2003. Their music is sung in Spanish, English, French, and German, and takes influence from genres spanning from lounge, to pop, to soul, to funk, and more. In the six albums they've released together, starting with 2003's The Pink Connection to 2010's Modular, they've consistently maintained a feel-good collection of music. “Travel Club,” from 2004's The BCN Connection, has Mr. Furia taking on the crooning, lounge singer role as he invites you to “Travel with the Pinker Tones”--from Shibuya to Marrakesh and beyond. The jazzy, bossa nova feel on top of the fanciful lyrics will make you want to book a first class ticket and join them on their journey around the world. The tongue-in-cheek German ditty, “Pink Freud,” from 2006's The Million Colour Revolution, is The Pinker Tones' take on a Vaudeville-style song. There's a simple piano melody, incorporated with plenty of “ahh-ahh” vocal harmonies. Even if you don't know what they're singing, the entire musical package is so pleasant that you can't help but smile. On their latest album Modular, The Pinker Tones stick to a much more dance-punk/80s new wave style. Still, songs like “Game Boy Music”—with lines like “The Game Boy generation will prevail!” over glitchy video game beats—keep up their tried-and-true method of fun and optimistic lyrics. And that's one of the best things about The Pinker Tones: no matter what language they're singing in, or what styles of music they're mixing, the world seems just a little bit rosier when you're listening to their music.