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Jenny O

A warm-yet-hushed voice that will sensually slink its way into your eardrums
All my wishes have come true, I'm thinking about it and I feel blue.
lyrics from All My Wishes

Jenny O. is an indie singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California via Long Island, New York. She began recording vocals, guitar and piano in various projects in 2005, however, her solo work came into fruition with the recording of her 2010 debut EP Love and Sleep. Making waves in the Los Angeles music scene for her introspective acoustic and electric rock songs, Jenny was picked up by Manimal Records for her 2011 Home EP. With a US West Coast tour on the horizon, Jenny O. is currently recording a full length record with Jake Blanton on bass and James Gadson on drums.

“I'm a hippie!” proclaims singer-songwriter Jenny O, in the opening track (“Well OK Honey”) to her Home EP. But with her breathy vocals and stripped-down, acoustic guitar-playing, you can imagine she's more inspired by the vocal stylings of 60s greats like Joan Baez and Melanie, rather than tie dyed shirts and brown acid. Its simple, grooving beat is perfect for soundtracking a drive down a wide, flat, empty highway (sunroof open, of course). Based in Los Angeles, the young musician has begun making a name for herself. Alongside self-producing the Home EP in 2011, she appears on the Rave On Buddy Holly tribute compilation (singing “I'm Gonna Love You Too”) alongside music legends like Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, and Fiona Apple. But on Home, Jenny O. takes the opportunity to showcase her own original singing and songwriting skills. On “All My Wishes,” for instance, she sings about the sense of sadness that comes when you finally have your wishes fulfilled: “All my wishes have come true. I'm thinking about it and I feel blue, lonelier too,” she sings. The hushed, acoustic guitar-playing lets her warm voice slink its way into your eardrums, with a slightly feline quality to it. “Won't Let You Leave” has a woodsy, folkier feel to it. It's as if she's the cool, slightly quirky girl at summer camp who randomly pulls out an acoustic guitar and tambourine in the middle of a nature walk. Slower and piano-driven, reminiscent of P.J. Harvey, the EP's title track (and final track) is both gentle and poignant. “And I've done everything to get into this, I'd give up anything to be home,” sings Jenny O. This is the kind of song you might find yourself listening to after a hard break-up, or when you're feeling empty and alone. Though the EP is only five tracks long, Jenny O. gives a delightful musical appetizer that will leave you waiting anxiously for the main course.