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Little Scream

Cinematic rock that swoops from hushed lullabies to punk intensity
Oh I'll give you all the colors that are left here in my box, if you would draw a picture into which we could both drop.
lyrics from The Heron and the Fox

Little Scream is an indie band that formed in 2010 in Montreal, Canada. The group is composed of Laurel Sprengelmeyer (vocals, guitar, violin, piano) and R.R. Parry (vocals, drums, bass, keyboards). Although relatively new to the music world, Little Scream has collaborated with respected musicians from Arcade Fire, Stars, the National and A Silver Mt. Zion. With label support from Secretly Canadian, Little Scream released their debut LP the Golden Record in early 2011 to critical acclaim. Although the music on this album is extremely difficult to characterize with traditional genres, Little Scream's sound contains layered ambient effects, thunderous percussion, eclectic song structures and soft yet urgent vocals.

Little Scream's music is difficult to pin down. Sometimes it rocks with the intensity of OK Computer-era Radiohead. At other times it's a hushed lullaby, caressing your ears with oddly tender tales of strippers and pickup trucks. Bandleader Laurel Sprengelmeyer is a truly dynamic musician, capable of turning on a dime, crafting complex, multi-faceted compositions that come across as totally natural. Think Sufjan Stevens with bursts of punk rock fervency. Little Scream is the project of multi-instrumentalist Laurel Sprengelmeyer. Raised along the Mississippi River, Sprengelmeyer currently resides in Montreal, where she has collaborated with some of the Montreal music scene’s leading lights (members of Stars, Arcade Fire, Silver Mt. Zion). The Golden Record, released in April 2011, is Little Scream’s debut effort, and undoubtedly one of the most impressive debuts of the year. "Red Hunting Jacket" sees Sprengelmeyer exercising her more energetic side to great effect. The mix of piano, stomping drums and orchestral flourishes calls to mind another young multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire-–St. Vincent. Sprengelmeyer injects some of the power pop exuberance of fellow Canucks The New Pornographers. Her electric bridge “Remembering these things is driving me crazy / Like the coat check, the car crash, your coat, your shoes, and your red hunting jacket” sounds like a rock n’ roll rain dance with its crashing cymbals and twirling flute line. It’s the kind of thing that was made to be played live, very loudly. “The Heron and the Fox” is the album’s centerpiece. Predominantly picked acoustic guitar with Sprengelmayer's amazing vocals, it's the kind of melody that you’re sure you've heard before on first listen. It’s simple and absolutely timeless. Music this dynamic and well crafted is no fluke, expect Little Scream to make more great music over the next few years. And checkout the live show--this music is perfectly at home in headphones or on a stereo, but it comes into a different and vibrant light in a live setting.