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Bag Raiders

Deliriously energetic disco-house anthems that induce spontaneous dance parties
I'm in love with a shooting star, but she moves so fast when she falls, then I'll be waiting.
lyrics from Shooting Stars

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Bag Raiders play electro-house and pop music. A duo, Bag Raiders was formed in 2005 by high school mates Chris Stracey (sampler, synth) and Jack Glass (sampler, synth). Bag Raiders, with their cheery electro-dance songs, have experienced international success and notoriety. Bag Raiders have released nine records and thirteen remixes since their 2005 inception. Their first hit single Shooting Stars was released in 2009 and reached #77 on the ARIA Hitseekers singles chart and #19 on the German charts. Their debut LP Bag Raiders was released by Modular Records and has reached an Australian chart position of #7.

Bag Raiders are an Australian duo that merrily pump out the kind of summery disco-house anthems that Australia has come to be known for. Above all else, they're masters of the beat. While most house practitioners are happy to recycle the same bass drum/snare beat, Bag Raiders tweak the mold, slipping in a cowbell here, bongo there, maybe some Latin percussion, all to great effect. Bag Raiders are Chris Stracey and Jack Glass. The duo has been around since 2005, releasing fun fueled dance hits, remixes, blowing up dance floors around the world with their electric live show, and releasing their self-titled debut album in late 2010. Bag Raiders collects eleven disco-house jewels. Their style tends to be minimal, letting a few select piano loops or synth lines carry the song forward along with their dance-floor filling drum beats. As the name implies, “Sunlight” is luminous euphoria in house music form. The calm vocals and wall of synth verse sounds an awful lot like fellow Aussie beat-merchants Cut Copy while the chorus is pure pop, like an electro-fied Two Door Cinema Club. “Not Over” takes cues from 90s techno with its punchy piano loop, before plunging into a pool full of electro-funk. “Snake Charmer” displays their ample beat-making gifts. A jungle of steel drum-esque synths clangs away, intertwined with the bass drum and snare. Meanwhile, a flute-like synth plays an unexpected funky, quasi-Middle Eastern line. “Shooting Stars” is another album highlight that puts Bag Raiders' minimalist skills to the test: they combine a clap happy-beat with 80s strings and the catchiest synth-line this side of Daft Punk's Parisian studio. Add simple but earnest vocals, an ecstatic disco-house outro, and you've got a hit. At its heart, Bag Raiders is just really fun. It's never quite as off the wall or deliriously energetic as a lot of contemporary house. And it’s never as dark and moody as Cut Copy's more cinematic side. The result is an eminently listenable album. Throw it on for a summer barbecue, a road trip, or a party--it's a great soundtrack.